Our Team

The Developer

Solon Pitarides Group

With a solid corporate history dating back almost 50 years, Solon Pitarides Group has consistently demonstrated an ability to visualise and develop lifestyle and commercial environments that are characterised by design flair and visual appeal. Every project bears the company’s hallmark of quality; a characteristic reflected by high initial demand, excellent resale values, and high occupancy rates. Buyers are assured by the group’s fine reputation for service professionalism and integrity.


The Architect

Panos Panayiotou & Associates

An award-winning, interdisciplinary team of talented architects and designers, Panos Panayiotou & Associates think both creatively and strategically; designing habitats that have quantifiable, positive effects on the way people live and work. They believe that the built environment should be sustainable, and that it should give back in tangible ways – in human, business, and financial performance. Their designs are always created to reflect this philosophy.